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Development path

In early stage
Technology upgrade
R & D upgrade
Innovative development

In early stage

2003: Wu Yanping and He Xing founded the company
2004: Zhang Dejiang, former secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, visited the company;
Participated in the Canton Fair for the first time; sales value reached RMB30 million yuan
2005: New plant was completed
2006: Merger and reorganization of Xinkangli Company of the Ministry of Aerospace


2007: Passed the "Consumers Most Trustworthy Brand" review
2008: Listed by Foshan Municipal Government as the “Key Support Enterprise of the Eagle Program”
2009: Became the enterprise in Foshan with tax payment exceeding RMB10 million yuan
2010: awarded the Guangdong Provincial High-Tech Enterprise
2011: Won the bidding for Home Appliances Going to the Countryside

Technology upgrade

2012: Successfully transformed from CRT into LCD, constructed the module clean workshop and clean laboratory
2013: Passed the Provincial Level Technology Center
Awarded "Top 50 Private Enterprises in Nanhai" by Foshan Municipal Government
2014: "ASANO" was recognized as Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province;
2015: Passed National Level Reliability Laboratory certification;
The integrated line of modules and complete machines was put into production;
"Asano LCD TV" was recognized as the Provincial Famous Brand Product

R & D upgrade

Cooperation between university and enterprise
2016: Awarded the Provincial Level Engineering Center;
The "Global Professional Color TV Customization System" jointly developed with South China University of Technology passed the review of "Internet +" project with key support from Foshan City;
2017: Introduced the manipulators, with the annual production capacity reaching 5 million units;
Awarded as China Manufacturing 2025 Enterprise in Foshan, Nanhai District Hidden Champion Enterprise, Brand Enterprise, etc.;
12 products awarded the High-Tech Products;
Tax payment exceeded RMB40 million yuan

Innovative development

Innovative development
2018: Established the Commercial Display Division, the future strategy positioned in the high-tech field
Introduced the international team of executives and experts
Robot Application Demonstration Project awarded
Passed the review of Guangdong Graduate Training Base
Awarded "Following Contract and Observing Credit Enterprise of Guangdong Province"
Tax payment exceeded RMB50 million yuan
2019: Purchased the plant at Hongling Road, Shishan (occupying an area of 100 acres and building area of 40,000 square meters)
Recognized as the National Hidden Champion of Manufacturing in Nanhai District
Passed the review of Provincial Level High-Tech Enterprise
Purchased 30% shares of (Shenzhen) North Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
ASANO awarded the "Following Contract and Observing Credit Enterprise of Guangdong Province" for two consecutive years.
2020: Jointly established HEYER (Guangdong) Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (49% of the shares) with China's largest respirator manufacturer (Beijing Aeonmed)
Established Guangdong ASANO Medical Technology Co., Ltd.