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Let the ambitions of outstanding talents be realized in the development of the enterprise

ASANO Group always adheres to the people-oriented principle, and talents are the most precious wealth and resource of the enterprise. In today’s era, companies are oriented towards diversified development and specialized division to attract high-quality talents, Inspire high-potential employees, while screening out unqualified employees. On the road of diversified development of ASANO Group, the company is focusing on the introduction of external talents. On the other hand, ASANO is strengthening the building of our own team, and constantly improving ourselves to meet the challenges of the ever-changing market.

We take employee value realization as our criterion

• Provide a broader space for the career development of employees by establishing complete training system and dual career development channels
• Through the promotion of performance-oriented wage culture, excellent employees can obtain competitive wages and benefits
• Share the wealth growth of the enterprise with core employees by strengthening incentives
• Share the wealth growth of the enterprise with core employees by strengthening incentives
We firmly believe that the success of the enterprise comes from the integrity, responsibility and innovation of every employee; We are willing to continuously improve the enthusiasm of employees by providing first-class career development environment, so that they can give full play to their talents and enjoy their work.

Join the ASANO family - Let dreams become reality together!

We will provide you with:

1. Broad development platform

Established in 2003, a senior and quality foreign trade enterprise! The world's most influential TV manufacturer! Occupying an area of over 100,000 square meters, and output value reaching RMB3 billion yuan! Cooperating with top domestic medical companies, and producing and selling professional medical products! Provincial Level High-Tech Enterprise, Provincial Level Engineering Technology Center, Provincial Level R&D Center, National Level Laboratory! Foshan "Eagle Program" enterprise, one of the Top 50 Private Enterprises, National Hidden Champion!

2. Competitive wages and benefits: Millions of annual salary is not a dream!

Five insurances, providing accommodation, the company has own canteen, annual bonus, Spring Festival paid leave, holiday benefits, free travel, free training, team building, rich cultural and entertainment activities, developmental promotion and training channels

3. The culture of win-win and family makes you work and live happily!

We need the one like you

We will not only value your education background, major and qualification

We hope you are a person who loves your work, is loyal to the enterprise, is full of passion, dares to challenge, is good at innovation, is active and good at independent management

Work environment

  • Headquarters staff dormitory building Headquarters staff dormitory building
  • Injection molding workshop Injection molding workshop
  • Machine shop Machine shop
  • Staff canteen Staff canteen
  • Staff dormitory building of Medical Industrial Park Staff dormitory building of Medical Industrial Park
  • R & D center office area R & D center office area
  • Lobby Lobby
  • Medical base Medical base
  • Office Office